Abdullah Albayk’s Story

Abdullah Albayk’s Story As retold by Jacob Baum and Ashley Harris   The rising sun threw great beams of warm light into the small window of the plane. I felt the warmth of it on my face as the plane slowly climbed towards the crisp blue sky. I felt my stomach soar as we gained […]

Abner Vallecillo’s Story

Abner Vallecillo’s Story As retold by Raquel Osborn   Many people think that there are cities in the United States that are dangerous. Flint is one of those. However, even though Flint might be dangerous, living in Honduras felt even more dangerous. Growing up in Honduras wasn’t really that bad until the year of 2012. […]

Andrea Rivera’s Story

Andrea Rivera’s Story As retold by Jillian Lueker   I’ve never really seen myself as a foreigner. I was born in Mexico, but my life there was very short. I lived in a big industrial city called Mexicali, in Baja California which is right on the edge of the American border. From what I remember, […]

Chi Tiet’s Story

Chi Tiet’s Story As retold by Kelsie Rose   I was 23 with my life figured out. I was living in Vietnam with my family and recently graduated college with a degree in archives. I was on track for a great life with a great career. But, something was missing. A job. I couldn’t get […]

DJenebou Doumbouya’s Story

DJenebou Doumbouya’s Story As retold by Patricia Wisenbaugh   My son loves the snow. Two inches or twelve, he’s outside rolling in it, packing it, creating snowballs and building the bodies of snowmen. His face lights up when he wakes up to find that snow has covered the ground in the night, and he’s outside […]